Twenty thousand Lego bricks to reproduce the Trevi Fountain

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The “greats” of the Earth threw the coin at the bottom of its pool during the G20, Federico Fellini celebrated it in the famous scene with Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni, in La Dolce Vita and Totò offered it for sale to a tourist in a piece by Totòtruffa 62. Now the Trevi Fountain, the largest of the famous fountains in Rome inaugurated in 1762, has been reproduced with about 20 thousand Lego bricks, in a spectacular work among the largest in Italy for this monument. The author is Maurizio Lampis, president of the Karalisbrick Cultural Association and Founder of the Karalisbrick Brick Museum in Sestu.
“The project started 5 months ago driven by the desire to create one of the most important Italian monuments after having built in 2019 the Basilica of Bonaria in Cagliari, symbol of Sardinia. – Lampis explains to ANSA – It took about 20,000 bricks to reproduce it as faithfully as possible in Minifigure scale: 75 cm wide by 50 cm deep with a height of 70 cm at the highest point. During the realization I used photographs recovered on the internet to make it as plausible as possible to reality “. The details, in fact, are taken care of in everything and there is no shortage of tourists around the large swimming pool.
It is the ninth monument created by Lampis, including an environmental one: Cala Goloritzè, the cove with the arch among the best known in the world.
Now the Trevi Fountain in Lego will be exhibited for a short period at the Karalisbrick Brick Museum and then begin a tour of Sardinia accompanied by the Colosseum of Rome always built of bricks. “Having built it also makes me proud because it is a project entirely mine, the result of years of study in the world of the Lego brick that has become my job for 4 years”, concludes Lampis.


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