Who has a name day on May 26: everything about this day

On May 26, Orthodox believers honor the memory of the martyr Alexander and the martyr Glykeria. It has long been believed that on this day you can not swim in open water, so as not to bring misfortune.

Name days are celebrated by Alexandra, Vasily, Gavrila, George, Yegora, Yefima, Ivana, Makara, Sergei, Taras, Orina, Glykeria and Irina. Read about the traditions and beliefs of this day in the material GLOBAL HAPPENINGS.

Day of the Martyr Alexander

Alexander lived in the 3rd century AD, during the reign of Emperor Maximian. Alexander was a brave warrior, but this did not prevent him from professing the ideas of Christianity. One day the Roman soldiers held a great celebration in honor of the worship of pagan gods and idols. Alexander refused to take part in it and stayed at home. The soldiers reported this to Maximian, who, highly appreciating the warrior’s courage, asked him to renounce his faith in exchange for imperial forgiveness. Alexander did not renounce Christ. Then the ruler gave the order to cut off the warrior’s head.

Day of the Martyr Glykeria

Glyceria was an extremely pious girl who believed in Christ. She lived in the 2nd century and came from the family of a former Roman anfipat who moved from Rome to Traianopolis. Anfipat is a public position, like the modern mayor of the city.

Starting to profess Christianity, Glyceria took a vow of celibacy. At that time there were persecutions of Christians. After the girl refused to renounce Christ, the emperor ordered that her head be cut off. Such fidelity to religion greatly surprised and inspired the inhabitants of the city. Subsequently, a temple was built in honor of Glyceria.

Popular prejudice

According to legend, on May 26 it is better not to swim in rivers, lakes and other open water bodies, so as not to bring trouble.

It has also long been said that on this day it is better not to give your things to anyone – this way you can get rid of happiness and bring on difficulty.

weather signs

According to the weather that day, they predicted what the harvest would be. Looked first at the insects.

Many mosquitoes and midges fly around – grain crops will spoil generously.

And if mosquitoes are not visible at all, there will be a poor crop of greens and oats.

A lot of midges appeared – in the fall there will be a lot of mushrooms.

Swallows and swifts fly low – until rainy weather.

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