Hard work or small victory: May 26 horoscope for all zodiac signs

Taurus will have to work hard, they can forget about rest for now. The lions will win a small victory.

Tarologist and forecaster Olga Solomka exclusively for AstroOboz has compiled a horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for May 2. Find out what’s waiting for you.


You are celebrating today the completion of a large and important stage in the life of you or your loved ones. Perhaps someone is graduating, the last bell is ringing for someone, an important project is ending, and all this you should note.


You have to work long and hard, you just fall off your feet from fatigue and this amount of work, but your goal is bright and beautiful, so you take on your duties again and again, and also inspire others to work so hard.


The past reminds of itself. And you will be a little nostalgic, remembering pleasant moments, viewing photos, maybe even talking with your old friends. Of course, not everything was so rosy, but do you remember only something pleasant.


Today it seems like a new breath is opening up, and when some are already looking forward to the weekend, you start working with inspiration as if it were Monday. This is what happens when work capacity is multiplied by the right motivation and attractive goals.

a lion

A small victory today will be simply necessary in order to lift your spirits and somehow move forward. And it doesn’t really matter whether you win some computer game, an argument, or a serious contest. The main thing is that you are now ahead.


Everyone around you seems to slow down a little, although you are actively eager to fight, but still the circumstances are not very favorable for fast movement. Therefore, you gradually begin to slow down and, in the end, go into rest mode.


Carefully plan this eventful day in order to be in time for everything, apply all your experience and skills in order to spend every minute with benefit, take into account all the nuances and features of both your character and the environment.


Incredibly, all the obstacles that prevented your progress are dissolved in the air. Even those people who actively harmed you are doing something else and do not pay any attention to you.


Family affairs do not give you a chance to do anything other than solve household problems. In the end, management understands all these nuances, meets you halfway, and you can safely deal with all the necessary issues.


Money is coming, and even if it is not very significant, it is extremely timely and appropriate, because just now an urgent need has arisen that you can skillfully satisfy.


It seems that today is a holiday in your life, you have family or friendly meetings in the family circle, pleasant memories, gifts and surprises, warm hugs, in a word, everything that creates high spirits and creates good memories for many years.


Ahead is a new interesting journey, which begins today, or for which you will prepare hard. Take care of your comfort, and the organization of movement and leisure, so as not to lose heart during the journey.

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