Why you can’t water the garden in the heat: when is the best time

High-quality watering the garden is more important than any other care. Indeed, without top dressing and even without weed control, something will grow, but without water – definitely not. And now, it would seem, in the heat, water the vegetables whenever you want – everything will benefit. But actually it is not.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS learned, watering needs to be especially well planned in hot weather. And it must be done in the right way and at the right time. Let’s talk about the main nuances.

Why you shouldn’t water your garden when it’s hot

Water drops act like a lens, concentrating the sun’s rays. Therefore, if during the active sun, water gets on the leaves of vegetables, it can cause sunburn on it. They look like discolored spots, from which the entire leaf may die over time.

In addition, watering at the peak of the heat is absolutely useless, because the high temperature will quickly evaporate all the water from the ground and the plant will not get the right amount of moisture. At the same time, in the process of evaporation, a zone of high humidity and elevated temperature is formed around the stem and leaves, which definitely will not work in favor of the plant.

When is the best time to water garden beds on hot days?

In order for water to better linger in the soil and bring the greatest benefit to plants, it is better to water the garden during the heat season in the evening – at sunset. The temperature at this time begins to decrease and the rays disappear. Consequently, moisture penetrates deeper into the ground and stays there longer. In addition, you can safely arrange the leaves of the “shower” – through them, water also enters the plants. It also removes dust that stimulates respiration and some pests, such as ants or aphids, from the plants. But at the same time, there is a risk that snails will gather on drops at night. Therefore, their presence should be taken into account when planning irrigation.

Also a good time for watering is early morning – no later than 10 hours. At this time, the heat is still not so significant and the sun is moderately active, so that the water will also have time to penetrate the soil and benefit the plants. In addition, in the morning hours, plants more actively absorb water from the ground. It is better to water vegetables at this time under the root, because the leaves may already be exposed to sunlight.

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