An unusual way to clean the kettle from scale: vinegar is not needed

The reason for the formation of scale in the kettle is hard tap water. It contains calcium, magnesium and impurities of other salts, which provoke deposition.

When heated, the salts turn into an insoluble precipitate, which is popularly called scale. At first, it has a light porous structure, so it can be removed without much difficulty. If you neglect to clean the kettle, the sediment becomes very hard. How to clean the kettle from scale – read the material GLOBAL HAPPENINGS.

There is a very simple and popular life hack, which consists in using ordinary soda. It is better to pour it into the kettle, holding it open for a while, so that the “bubbles” come out a little. Then it is recommended to pour water into the kettle, boil and rinse.

This is a gentle cleansing method that works if you don’t risk using vinegar or popular abrasives. In addition, soda will significantly save time – the kettle does not have to be washed for a long time from the unpleasant smell of vinegar or acid residues.

An unusual way to clean the kettle from scale: vinegar is not needed

Also quite effective life hack with a solution of soda. Pour 1.5 liters of water into the kettle and add 4 tablespoons of soda. Stir thoroughly and leave for an hour. This life hack has one nuance – the kettle may not smell very pleasant. For the smell to disappear, you need to boil water 2-3 times.

You can also use citric acid or the juice of one lemon. The acid in its composition will dissolve the limescale well and disinfect the kettle. Read more about the method in the material.

Earlier, GLOBAL HAPPENINGS said that a darkened teapot is not only an aesthetic flaw. In the absence of regular and proper washing, pathogenic bacteria and microbes can accumulate in it. The spout of the teapot is usually washed with water, because not a single rag or sponge will fit into it. However, it is better to try an effective tip that will help to instantly clean up the pollution.

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