Test: which PMA is made for you?

As medically assisted procreation (PMA) is open to all women, we must now ask ourselves if we are open to it. And if so, under what conditions. To help you know which formula suits you best, here is our test: PMA for all, but which one for me?

What you love in life:
To. “The Marseilles”
vs. French fries
d. Fusion
b. L’acquisition

What you don’t like:
To. The Thalys
d. The parcels
vs. Share
b. To wait for

You are :
d. Rich
vs. not rich
b. a little rich
To. in debt

The donor is someone:
To. Which gives
vs. Who receives compensation
b. who speaks mandarin
d. Whose phenotype you are interested in

Your favorite first names :
d. Lucas ; Louise
c. Mathis ; Maya
a. Simon ; Simone
b. Sasha ; Sacha

You aspire to:
d. More freedom (we advise against the child)
b. More choice
To. Fewer choices
vs. Francois Damiens

The four-day week is:

Source : Nouvelobs

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