How to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen: a tricky but reliable trick

Cockroaches are not only not very pretty creatures, and their appearance is not limited to aesthetic discomfort. These insects can be dangerous: they carry pathogens of a number of dangerous infectious diseases: from salmonellosis and dysentery to deadly meningitis.

After moving through sewer pipes, they “drag” pathogens into the house, which can cause skin reactions, in particular allergies and dermatitis. So if you saw uninvited guests in the house – do not hesitate. GLOBAL HAPPENINGS tells how to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen.

Our grandmothers also used an effective and proven remedy for pests. By the way, it can also be used as a prophylactic, for example, if your neighbors have already complained about the appearance of cockroaches, but they have not yet reached your apartment.

Required Ingredients:

  • ammonia;
  • water.

Everything is very simple: pour 2 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of ammonia into a container. With this solution, it is recommended to carry out wet cleaning in the house at least twice a week. Particular attention should be paid to the baseboard and ventilation. Cockroaches do not tolerate the smell of ammonia, so they will not climb into your house.

The next way is turpentine. It is also applied to the baseboard and ventilation. Wet cleaning should be carried out with gloves and protective equipment.

You can also try bay leaves – cockroaches also do not really like its smell. Read more about this life hack in the material.

It should be noted that one should not be limited only to folk methods. If your home suffers from periodic pest attacks, contact the experts who will carry out professional pest control.

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