What holiday is celebrated on May 27: folk signs

On May 27, Orthodox believers honor the memory of the martyr Isidore. According to the weather that day, they predicted what the harvest would be like and whether a lot of rain should be expected in June.

Name days are celebrated by Alexandra, Ivana, Leonty, Makara, Maxima, Mark, Nikita and Jacob. Read about the traditions and beliefs of this day in the material GLOBAL HAPPENINGS.

Martyr Isidore Day

Isidore lived in the 3rd century on the island of Chios and Alexandria. During the reign of Emperor Decius Isidore was taken into the army. He served in the legion of the commander Numerius and declared himself as a conscientious and fair soldier. Somehow Isidore was seized during a prayer – at that time it was forbidden to profess Christianity. He refused to sacrifice to pagan idols and did not renounce his faith, for which he was subjected to terrible torment. After being arrested and tortured, Isidore was executed.

weather signs

From time immemorial, people have said: what is the weather on the day of Isidore – so it will be all summer. So warm sunny weather predicted a hot summer, and thunderstorms and showers warned that the next three months would be rainy.

Cloudy weather also foreshadowed a poor harvest and a cold summer, on the contrary, a clear day promised that grains and vegetables would be harvested very generously.

By the way, it was on May 27 that gardeners began to sow cucumbers in open soil.

Popular prejudice

Our ancestors noticed that on this day our ancestors noticed that our ancestors were watching the clouds that day.

According to popular beliefs, on this day it is better not to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, so as not to bring trouble.

Also on this day you can not swear and be offended.

In addition, it was said that by lending money to someone on the day of Isidore, one could bring difficulties and financial difficulties for the whole summer.

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