Horoscope for the Strawberry Full Moon: whose life will turn upside down

The full moon on June 4 is called “strawberry” by astrologers, no matter how trite it may sound – in honor of the ripening of the first summer strawberries. Symbolically, this period is considered the best for travel, scientific work and spirituality.

According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, the full moon will take place in the sign of Sagittarius. Heavenly transits, on the one hand, will add courage and energy to make dreams come true, and on the other hand, they can cause feelings of loneliness, guilt or despondency.


You are ready to open new horizons. The full moon will fill you with courage to take the first and important steps. According to Thomas, “you will be ready to go into new territory, leaving the past behind.” This can lead to travel, relocation and even emigration.


You will be completely absorbed in personal relationships. According to Kane Thomas, a full moon will awaken “your sensual and intimate side.” In addition, in early June, attention should be paid to resolving financial issues. Probable bonuses and investments.


There are two options for the development of events: complete either will bring you closer to your partner, or force you to leave a hopeless relationship and look for someone who shares your dreams and aspirations. In any case, June predicts fateful events in his personal life.


The season will be busy. It is necessary to find a balance between work and personal life – it is worth sorting out problems and talking frankly with a partner. In addition, the astrologer advises not to ignore health problems.

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A very suitable period for romance, love and creativity. You will probably meet someone special, a “soul mate”. You can think about replenishment in the family and plan a pregnancy.


Get ready to experience emotions and nostalgia. Strawberry Moon can bring romantic moods. Probably, someone from the family will need your support and help.


A very busy period awaits you, full of ideas, desires and plans. Get ready to experience extraordinary inspiration. In all likelihood, you will sign an important contract in writing, social or advertising activities.


This full moon will have money, money, money on your mind. You will try to replenish your wallet and bank account, but the costs will increase dramatically. This encourages you to balance your resources and think ahead.


You will be the center of attention. It’s time to enjoy achievements and recognition. Management will appreciate your efforts. What you’ve been working on for at least six months is finally paying off.


Find time to relax. You will feel excessive anxiety and exhaustion. If you ignore the need for rest, overexertion will lead to health problems.


It’s time for parties, dating and relaxation. You will have a lot of fun spending your leisure time with friends and you can forget about problems at least for a while. Don’t ignore invitations to social events. You may meet important people.


You are ready to take the next big step in your career. Salary increases, transfers to other positions, offers and new prospects are likely. This is the month of awards, achievements and success.

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