What to plant after strawberries to restore soil fertility: the harvest will be much better

In gardening, it is important not only the correct neighborhood of plants, but also their adequate alternation in the same area. Plants alternately enrich the soil with different substances, which can benefit other crops in the next year. It is also good for the soil itself, which is not depleted and brings more benefits.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS figured out what is best to plant in the garden where strawberries used to grow. And how it can be useful. And what options are better to refuse.

What not to plant after strawberries

Any berry bushes like currants or raspberries will be a poor choice, because these are perennial plants that are not so easy to move – such crops do not like “moving”. Therefore, it is better to grow them not in the garden, but in the garden.

Changing the strawberry variety is also not an option in such a situation. Whatever it is, any strawberry feeds on the same substances, so all varieties will deplete the soil in about the same way.

Not suitable for such duty and strawberries. This is a species closely related to strawberries, so the plant after its relative will receive insufficient food from the ground and continue to deplete it.

What is good to plant after strawberries

Legumes are a good option for a bed that used to grow berries. They feed on various substances with it and at the same time enrich the soil with nitrogen. In this way he will restore his fertility well. Peas, beans or lentils are good choices.

Green manure plants, also called green manures, can also be chosen for the garden where strawberries were. They enrich the earth with nitrogen, inhibit the growth of weeds, and their green mass, cut before the flowering season, will become a good complex food. Here you can choose between rye, barley, oats, sunflower, lupine, mustard and other species.

If you want to harvest from the garden, then plant onions or garlic on it. These vegetables, with the help of the content of natural phytoncides in them, will disinfect the soil. And well ugly after strawberries.

You can also grow peonies in place of a strawberry garden. They will bloom profusely with such a vigil.

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