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Appeal for Trieste to 60 thousand signatures, will be brought to Rome

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Civitella Alfedena, a deer walking through the streets of the medieval village (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 07 NOV – “After the day of clashes during the no-vax march in Trieste, the promoters of the Appeal in Trieste, which reached 60,000 signatures, sent a message to the signatories to reiterate that they want to bring their voice in Rome, to ask for a commitment from the Government and Parliament “.

The promoters of the petition supporting Trieste as the capital of science, Mitja Gialuz and Tiziana Benussi, wrote in a note.

The communiqué underlines that “yesterday Trieste was deserted”, with “shop shutters lowered” and “cancellations in hotels and restaurants” as well as “a disturbing wall dividing the city banks in two”, due to “an event in which , first the prescriptions of the authorities were not respected and then an attempt was made to enter Piazza Unità by force.

At the scream of ‘Piazza Unità is ours and Trieste is ours’ “.

Precisely for this Gialuz and Benussi ask citizens to “continue to sign to reiterate that Trieste belongs not to a small part, but to everyone and, therefore, also to a very large responsible majority, who believe in the vaccine as an instrument of freedom”. Therefore, “sign to reaffirm that the right to demonstrate is not absolute, but must respect other constitutionally recognized rights, such as the right to health, the right to work and the right to economic initiative” and to “bring the appeal to attention of the Government and ask for an intervention that allows to face this emergency with new and more adequate regulatory instruments. Trieste and Italy – concludes the note – need an assumption of responsibility by the Government and Parliament to restore order constitutional”. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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