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Weather: San Martino’s summer will be a flop, unstable weather

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(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 10 – No San Martino summer this year. The fault is attributable to a difficult cyclonic vortex which has been stationed near the Balearic Islands for several days and which also manages to influence many Italian regions. This is what the team of the site predicts, announcing a flop of good weather and relative warmth that characterizes this time of year.

The vortex will affect the weather across many regions at least until Friday, after which another cyclone is set to undermine the weekend weather. In the next few days, the regions that will be rainier will be Sicily, initially the Northwest and Lazio and locally Sardinia. On the rest of Italy, the sun will always struggle to emerge from the thick layer of clouds that will cover the sky. Over the course of the weekend, another low pressure, this time coming from France, will enter the depression circulation, latching onto the pre-existing one and sending a disturbance. Both on Saturday and Sunday all the Northern regions will return to be wet by rain, as will most of Central Italy and only locally the South (here above all the Ionian sectors). From a thermal point of view, no particular variations are expected except for a physiological thermal drop in the presence of precipitation.

In detail: Wednesday 10. In the north: rains in the Northwest, dry elsewhere. In the center: rains in Sardinia and the coasts of Lazio and Tuscany. In the south: still bad weather in Sicily, strong in the evening and at night, scattered rains in Calabria.

Thursday 11. In the north: rains in Piedmont, dry elsewhere, even sunny in the afternoon. In the center: in the morning it rains on Tuscany and Lazio, then on Sassari. In the south: bad weather in Sicily.

Friday 12. In the north: more sun everywhere. Middle: worsens on lower Tuscany and Lazio with showers, rain showers on the Adriatic.

South: unstable between Sicily and Calabria.

Often rainy weekend in the Center-North. (HANDLE).

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