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    Journalists: threats to Berizzi, investigations closed for 13 people

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    Pnrr, Francesco Cavallaro:

    (ANSA) – BERGAMO, 10 NOV – After almost three years, the Bergamo prosecutor’s office notified 13 people accused of aggravated threat and defamation for having threatened, even with death, the Bergamo-based journalist of Repubblica Paolo Berizzi at the end of the investigation.

    The investigations by the Carabinieri and the Bergamo Postal Police, coordinated by the prosecutor Emanuele Marchisio, led to the identification in half of Italy – from Lombardy to Veneto, from Piedmont to Tuscany and up to Lazio – the servers from which the telematic attacks on the journalist started, often from anonymous profiles and therefore not immediately identifiable.

    The reports of the suspects with groups of the neo-fascist galaxy then emerged already with the searches in the homes of the suspects, in 2020. In addition to PCs, mobile phones, USB memories, the police also seized flyers of Nazi-fascist associations, flags with Celtic crosses and swastikas, even an ax. Also documented reports with ultra-right-wingers of the curves and football supporters.

    For the thirteen suspects – there is also an unsuspected entrepreneur known in the circles of Inter and Milan – the trial is approaching: the prosecutor will ask for a direct summons for all. For years Paolo Berizzi, defended by the lawyer Fabio Pinelli, has been the subject of threats and intimidating acts for his investigative work on the world of right-wing extremism. Sixteen proceedings opened in various prosecutors, again for threats and intimidating acts against him, from 2017 to today. Since 2019, the journalist has been under guard, and is the only European reporter currently under protection from neo-fascist and neo-Nazi threats. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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