Usury: loans up to 94%, businessman arrested in Calabria

Bad weather in Sicily, damage and flooding on the western side (ANSA)

(ANSA) – LAMEZIA TERME, 11 NOV – It would have granted loans demanding interest up to 94%. A 47-year-old merchant from Lamezia Terme was arrested and placed under house arrest by the Finance Police on charges of usury and abusive use of credit. The arrest was made in execution of an order issued by the Gip of the Court of Lamezia Terme at the request of the Prosecutor. Also ordered the preventive seizure, for equivalent, of approximately 170 thousand euros, corresponding to the interest received through usury and the movable and real estate assets deemed to be the result of the illegal activity for a value of over 470 thousand euros.

The investigations of the financiers, coordinated by the prosecutor Salvatore Curcio and conducted by the substitute Marta Agostini, were inspired by some suspicious transactions on the current accounts of the suspect. In particular, large flows of money emerged from the operations on the accounts that were not consistent with the trader’s income and turnover. It also emerged that most of the money moved came from an entrepreneur, operating in the transport sector, who, repeatedly invited to report on such movements of money, had taken a reticent attitude, arguing that the alleged usurer was a person to him. linked by deep friendship, on the basis of which their financial relationships were also founded.

From the subsequent bank investigations it was possible to ascertain that the alleged usurer, between January 2014 and August 2021, had received from the victim sums equal to approximately 240 thousand euros and it was found that, from January 2014 to August 2019, the under investigation had granted loans to the entrepreneur victim of usury for about 80 thousand euros against which he had demanded interest between 40.55% and 94.14%, receiving approximately 240 thousand euros, of which 144 thousand as interest. (HANDLE).


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