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Illegal custody: gup in the room council for first sentences

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(ANSA) – REGGIO EMILIA, 11 NOV – Gup Dario De Luca of the Reggio Emilia court has retired to the council chamber.

In the afternoon, the first sentences of the ‘Angels and Demons’ trial are expected, the investigation into the alleged system of illicit custody of minors in the Reggio Emilia valley. In particular, the decisions regarding the psychotherapist Claudio Foti, owner of the well-known Turin treatment studio ‘Hansel & Gretel’ and for Beatrice Benati, social worker of the Val d’Enza Union will be issued. Both have chosen the shortened rite.

For the first, the deputy prosecutor Valentina Salvi, owner of the file, asked for a six-year sentence for the accusations of abuse of office, procedural fraud and very serious injuries (hypothesis of crime formulated for the alleged psychic alteration of a patient), while for the second, he asked for a year and six months’ sentence on charges of private violence and attempted private violence. So far the only sentence relating to the procedure is that of Cinzia Magnarelli, a social worker also from the Val d’Enza Union, a criminal confessed and accused of false ideology and procedural fraud, who has bargained for one year and eight months (suspended sentence) .

Finally, the judge this afternoon should also decide whether or not to accept the requests for indictment for 22 suspects, including the former head of social services Federica Anghinolfi, considered the key defendant, and the Pd mayor of the Municipality of Bibbiano, Andrea Carletti accused of abuse of office. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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