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Health: Lombardy; Md, call for mobilization against reform

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Democratic Medicine takes the field against “the Moratti-Fontana health reform in Lombardy” which is claimed to lead to “a river of money for private healthcare and a river of queues for waiting lists”. And it launches an appeal, together with the Lombard coordination for the Right to Health, made up of 57 associations, to participate in a protest in conjunction with the discussion of the Regional Council.
“They have made a desert of public health, on the skin of citizens, and have called it public / private equality and free choice”, declares Marco Caldiroli, president of MD, also on behalf of the Lombard associations that demonstrated on October 23 in the square Duomo for the relaunch of public and territorial health. Lombardy – it is stated – has chosen a hospital-centered health service, “has emptied the territories of services and professionalism. The result is the improper use of the emergency room and very long waiting times for those who cannot pay for private services”.
Since 1997 – it is reported – 22,239 beds have been canceled in public structures, while in private ones they have increased by 2,553 or transformed into other forms of assistance.
The private sector (2017) covers 54.3% of the purchases of health services and has “eaten” 62% of the structural investments of the Region. Public health workers decreased by 11,768 units from 1997 to 2017 with a -11.9%, while the Italian average was -7.3%. There is a serious shortage of general practitioners and in the next 5 years there will be 4,167 missing due to retirement, “but for the councilor Moratti it is only a ‘perception’ or an ‘organizational’ problem, caused by the doctors themselves. was planning, nor concrete objectives of improving public health but only of increasing turnover for private individuals “. (HANDLE).

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