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Euthanasia: Marche quadriplegic case, “still delays”

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He injures a bouncer who asks him for a green pass, 45 year old arrested for attempted murder (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ANCONA, NOV 15 – Another interlocutory reply from Asur Marche (the only regional health company) informing that it has not yet received the opinion of the Marche Region Ethics Committee (Cerm) for the case of Mario (invented name) 43-year-old quadriplegic from the Marche region and immobilized for over ten years following a road accident, which asked to have access to assisted suicide. The Luca Coscioni Association denounces this in reference to the “first potential Italian case: the Asur” continues to postpone, without any precise timing, an urgent procedure whose initial request dates back to August 2020 “.

The 43-year-old chose not to go to Switzerland to access assisted suicide (he contacted Marco Cappato for help, then obtaining the green light from Switzerland), and instead asked the competent ASL to verify their conditions to ascertain the requirements identified by the Constitutional Court (judgment 242/19; Cappato Dj Fabo case) in order to proceed legally in Italy. After Asur’s denial, the appeal presented by Mario’s defense board – lawyers Filomena Gallo, Massimo Clara, Angioletto Calandrini, Cinzia Ammirati, Francesca Re, Rocco Berardo, Giordano Gagliardini – was initially rejected by the Court of Ancona which in the case of the complaint instead imposed on Asur last June to proceed with the checks.

Following various warnings from the lawyers, in September Mario was contacted by Asur for appointments aimed at verifying his conditions (interview with psychologists, palliative doctors and neurologist) for preliminary investigations to the opinion of the Cerm, which were carried out “scrupulously” . On 14 October Mario was notified that the collegial report had been sent to Cerm and the lawyers returned to office with Asur to start the procedure. Asur on 12 November announced that it is still awaiting the opinion of the Cerm and therefore that “this will be deposited as soon as it is transmitted”. “In the absence of immediate and documented fulfillment of the order of the Judge, – informs the Luca Coscioni Association – all the judicial and institutional protections of the case will be assumed”.


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Source From: Ansa

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