The Gdf executes a confiscation decree for 12 million from the Fasciani clan

Police blitz against the 'Ndrangheta, over one hundred precautionary measures (ANSA)

Soldiers of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome carried out the decree of confiscation of assets, issued by the local Court of Appeal and which became final following the rejection by the Court of Cassation of the appeals presented, concerning the assets, for a total value of over 12 million euros, of leading exponents of the Fasciani clan of Ostia (Rome).

The ablative measure confirms the previous decisions adopted by the Specialized Prevention Measures Section of the Capitoline Court, which, at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, had first ordered the seizure, in 2016, and then the first degree confiscation, in 2018, of the huge movable, real estate and corporate assets attributable to the criminal association operating on the Roman coast. The investigations carried out by the Economic-Financial Police Unit focused on the leaders of the clan, burdened by precedents for extortion, usury, drug trafficking and fictitious registration of assets, as well as on the members of their respective families and enhanced the results of previous police operations for the purpose of patrimonial assault. As a result of the investigations, it emerged that the significant investments made over time – including a well-known bathing establishment and various companies active in the bakery products sector – were not covered by the modest income declared by the 2 proposed and their family members. It was also noted that, after the first judicial measures issued against them, a complex and articulated corporate network had been adopted to screen the traceability of commercial activities behind trustworthy persons, who, however, acted as complacent “front names”. At the end of the entire procedural process, the definitive apprehension of the State assets of the entire company complex of 7 companies and 1 sole proprietorship, operating mostly for Ostia in the management of ovens, bars, restaurants and bathing establishments, 12 properties, including apartments and commercial premises located in Ostia and Capistrello (L’Aquila), and 1 land, as well as financial resources on bank and postal relations.


Source From: Ansa

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