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WHO warns of 500 thousand deaths this winter

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WHO is very alarmed by the increased rate of spread of coronavirus

About 500,000 people could die in winter if countries do not tighten restrictions. / Photo: Collage: Today

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By March 2022, there could be another half a million deaths from the coronavirus unless urgent action is taken. This was stated by the director of the WHO European Office, Dr. Hans Kluge, writes the BBC.

So he commented on the information about the high incidence rate in several European countries and the introduction of a full or partial lockdown.

“The next wave of COVID-19 in Europe is observed due to the approaching cold weather, low vaccination rates in several countries and the emergence of more infectious strains,” he said.

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Kluge called for a legislative and public debate on mandatory vaccination.

“Before resorting to mandatory vaccination, you need to look at other tools, for example, at covid passes, which do not limit freedom at all, but, on the contrary, help to preserve it,” he concluded.

According to him, returning to a strict mask regime can help reduce these indicators.

The situation with coronavirus in the world

The constantly updated Worldometers monitoring page shows that, as of November 21, 2021, 5,163,723 people (+7,326 per day) died from the coronavirus disease COVID-19 in the world, more than 257 million were infected, about 20 million are currently infected, more than 232 million infected were recognized as recovered. Average mortality: 2%

Statistics in Ukraine

During the day in Ukraine, 10,635 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded (of which 894 children fell ill, 99 health workers). For the entire time of the pandemic in Ukraine, 3,332,943 people fell ill, and 81,272 people died.

The largest number of confirmed cases was registered in Dnepropetrovsk (1242), Nikolaev (693), Odessa (655), Zaporozhye (653) and Khmelnitsky (598) regions.

How many were vaccinated

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, 7,922,415 people have been vaccinated, of which 7,922,413 people received one dose, 6,467,945 people were fully immunized and received two doses (two of them received one dose abroad). A total of 14 390 358 inoculations were carried out.

The most popular among Ukrainians was the Comirnaty vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech). She was chosen for vaccination by almost 40% of all vaccinated.


Source From: Segodnya

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