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    “We see no obstacles”: Kuleba told whether Germany will give weapons to Ukraine

    Foreign Minister appreciated the agreements of the new government of Germany in Ukraine

    Kuleba spoke about Ukraine’s expectations regarding the new German government. Photo: collage “Today”

    Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke about the prospects for Ukraine’s cooperation with the new German government… He noted that he positively assesses the coalition agreement in the part devoted to Ukraine and Russia.

    Kuleba said this during a briefing.

    He stressed that he does not expect any radical changes or adjustments in German foreign policy towards Ukraine.

    “And the coalition agreement itself confirms this. It says that Germany will support the territorial integrity of Ukraine. It says – and this is very important, and we worked a lot with German partners on this – that the text of the coalition agreement confirmed support for Ukraine’s European aspirations.”, – said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    He also noted that it is too early to comment on cooperation with the future head of the German Foreign Ministry.

    “As for the new minister, so far there are only media reports. I think it’s too early to comment on how relations will develop. Chancellor before the elections. I will be happy to continue communication and relations either with her or with any other head of the German Foreign Ministry. “, – added Kuleba.

    In addition, the Foreign Minister spoke about plans to raise the issue again. on the possible provision of military assistance to Ukraine from Germany.

    “With regard to weapons, our position remains unchanged: we do not see any obstacles to the supply of weapons and strengthening the defense capability of Ukraine from any country in the world. There are no legal, political or moral restrictions for this. We will communicate with the new German government and about this.”, – said Kuleba.

    Germany does not give weapons to Ukraine

    Under Angela Merkel (ex-chancellor), Germany did not support Ukraine with the supply of weapons, but relied only on the political process of resolving the conflict, in particular in the “Normandy format”.

    In addition, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas explained the reluctance to supply weapons to Ukraine by the fact that Germany is a mediator in the conflict. He said that if Berlin supplied weapons to Kiev, this would affect Russia’s attitude to the FRG as an intermediary country in the negotiations on the Donbass.

    And the German ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldgusen said that Germany does not give Ukraine weapons, since the Germans consider Eastern Europe “a special part of the world” where German weapons and soldiers should not be. According to her, the issue of weapons for Ukraine is very difficult for Germany. To change opinion on it, you need to find a majority in the Bundestag. Under the new government, it is possible that something will change in this matter..

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    Source From: Segodnya


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