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    ‘Non una di Meno’ parades in Rome, ‘we want to live’

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    Not one less takes to the streets and the capital returns to be tinged with fuchsia against gender violence. The march organized by the feminist network to say enough to violence, femicides and the “oppressive patriarchy” brought thousands of people, about 10 thousand, through the streets of Rome with a procession that started from Piazza della Repubblica and arrived in San Giovanni al I cry “we want to live”.

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    “After two years of pandemic we return to the streets with the cry ‘We want to live’, a slogan that summarizes well the conditions aggravated by the pandemic, during which women have experienced a great economic and social crisis”, said Serena shortly before departure. of the procession.

    “The pandemic has also further aggravated the conditions of women both at home and at work. The data on the violence suffered are clear and increasing. For this reason we have deemed it necessary to take back the public space and return to the street and we will do it with performative actions during the path “, he stressed. Various actions animated the march both at the beginning of the procession, where a dance theater performance started and then, in via Cavour, where the demonstrators waved their key sets shouting “the monster has the keys to the house”, to remember that most of the femicides and violence take place within the home.

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    “The silent cry” instead rang out in via Merulana, around 4.30 pm, when the women sat down on the ground and observed a minute of silence for the victims of femicide. A cry then ‘exploded’ with a scream of “anger and sisterhood” at the end of the silence. “We are the lofty and fierce cry of all those women who no longer have a voice”, the chorus that starts. Stories screamed by buses, and slogans chanted to make it clear that violence is no longer tolerated. Not only by women but also by the LGBT + community present at the event.

    In short, communities that meet and also complain about something to a state that is often stopped and lacking. “We will relaunch the theme of the feminist and transfeminist struggle at a time when the attack becomes very heavy – one of the organizers reiterated – the government talks a lot but does not do it. I am thinking of the firm and not yet renewed anti-violence plan, or the blockade of the Ddl Zan “. A combative but also very disciplined procession: the organizers in fact repeatedly recalled during the journey to wear the mask and keep the distance, precepts respected by most of the demonstrators. With the cry of “tremble tremble, the witches are back” the march reached Piazza San Giovanni where 109 canele were lit, that is the number of femicides that took place in the last year alone. A number that is more than a given are “all the sisters who no longer have a voice”.


    Source From: Ansa

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