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    The SBI took up Butusov – on which articles the investigation was started

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    The journalist answered if he was going to flee abroad

    Butusov believes that the criminal case is a “response” for the press marathon / Collage “Today”

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    The shooting from an artillery gun by the editor-in-chief of the information portal “Censer.net” Yuri Butusov did not go unnoticed by law enforcement agencies. The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has begun criminal proceedings based on the video that Butusov posted on his Facebook page during the day.

    It is reported by the RRG.


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    All the circumstances of the publication and recording of the video of a cannon shot posted by Yuri Butusov will be verified. Including in the order of Article 414 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Violation of the rules for handling weapons, as well as with substances and objects that pose an increased danger to others) and Article 437 of the Criminal Code (Planning, preparation, unleashing and waging an aggressive war). Potential misconduct will also be checked by those who allowed a civilian to access the appropriate weaponry. According to preliminary findings, the event took place outside the OOS zone. But society will receive a complete and comprehensive answer after a detailed check.“, – the message says.

    It is also noted that the journalist fired a 152 mm caliber from a D-20 Howitzer. He accompanies the shot with the words: “Fire on the invaders!”

    Butusov’s reaction

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    Butusov quickly commented on the investigation and assured that he would not go abroad.

    President Zelensky took revenge on me for his infamous press conference. The State Bureau of Investigation has just filed an Article 437 case against me – planning, preparing, unleashing and waging an aggressive war. Maidan, seizure of Crimea, invasion of Donbass and eight years of war. That is, I started it all “, – wrote Butusov on Facebook.

    In his commentary on Segodnya, Yuri Butusov said that in fact there is pressure on freedom of speech.

    “I think that it is obvious to everyone that this is actually connected with direct pressure on freedom of speech. This is connected with a press conference where I asked President Vladimir Zelensky a very simple question: why did he appoint one of the highest posts in the state – Head of the Intelligence Committee – Russian agent Ruslan Demchenko.And isn’t the president ashamed that he dishonours and persecutes Ukrainian military intelligence officers and at the same time raises and defends Russian agents? that he can always find an excuse, even the most bad. And give the law enforcement agencies subordinate to him to fulfill the “order” – to start a business. And all this is done on the anniversary of the dispersal of the Maidan. And this is done by the deputy head of the President’s Office Oleg Tatarov. Such is the paradox. Zelensky again 8 years after the Maidan, he is engaged in political persecution and direct pressure on freedom of speech, “Butusov told Segodnya.

    What happened before the video

    • Two days before the video appeared, Yuri Butusov had an argument with President Volodymyr Zelensky during a press marathon.
    • The editor of the website “Censor.net”, after being accused of provocation in Donbass, announced that he would be suing the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.
    • Butusov also actively comments on the scandal with the failed special operation to deliver to Ukraine a group of Russian militants from the Wagner PMC. In particular, he said that the state security was removed from the former head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vasily Burba, who was in charge of the special operation, and he was forced to be guarded by foreign forces.


    Source From: Segodnya

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