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    “I was ashamed”. Commenting on his criminal case, Butusov said a couple more articles

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    The journalist is sure that the RRB has started criminal proceedings in retaliation for the fact that he argued with Zelensky at a press conference

    The journalist Yuri Butusov, whom the State Bureau of Investigation has taken seriously, expressed his point of view on the reasons for what happened between him and the president. He believes that the RRB has begun criminal proceedings at the behest of the President’s Office. And the reason for what happened was his skirmish with Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference on November 26.

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    As you know, on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holodomor, Butusov posted a video in which he shoots from a howitzer, and before that he says: “On the invaders – fire!

    Butusov expressed his position on the air of the program “Ukraine” with Tigran Martirosyan on the channel “Ukraine 24”. In expressions, Butusov was not shy. And very possibly, he said a couple more criminal articles.

    I wanted to warn Zelensky about spies

    “Russian agents are being appointed to big positions in the president’s entourage,” Butusov said. Ruslan Demchenko was appointed the head of the intelligence committee, to which all intelligence services are subordinate, which are waging the war. This is a very well-known pro-Russian politician, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Yanukovych era, a person who was directly involved in the development and adoption of the Kharkiv agreements, which, in fact, gave Russia control of Crimea. “

    The Wagner case is just one of seven intelligence failures

    “The appointment of Demchenko to this position by Zelensky – in violation of the law on lustration – led to the failure of at least seven intelligence operations. And in general to very grave consequences,” Butusov continues.

    Butusov felt ashamed. But not for myself

    “I was ashamed that the supreme commander-in-chief, to whom all the military are subordinate, could disgrace his own subordinates so much,” says Butusov. mobilization summons. I was terribly ashamed, it was disgusting to look at it. “

    “I am attracted for unleashing a war, not Putin.”

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    Yuri Butusov also commented on the initiation of a criminal case against himself. According to him, the case was started under article 437 of the Criminal Code: unleashing, conducting an aggressive war. “I started the war. That is, the RRB will look for evidence that it was I who unleashed the war in Donbass. And because of me, this aggressive war is being waged,” the journalist joked. And he continued:

    “Under this article, a case has been initiated against me. But under this article, during the eight years of the war, a case has not been initiated against Vladimir Putin. He does not qualify for this article, but I, a Ukrainian journalist, do. I think this is the best answer to the question of who, unfortunately, is in charge of our government. “

    What are the articles of the SBI investigating the Butusov case?

    And it’s not a joke! The official statement of the RRB does indeed mention article 437 of the Criminal Code:

    • planning, preparing, unleashing and conducting an aggressive war.
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    And also – Art. 414 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

    • violation of the rules for handling weapons, as well as with substances and objects that pose an increased danger to others.



    Source From: Segodnya

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