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Blue shark swims near the shore of the Poetto in Cagliari

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(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 30 NOV – A blue shark of about 3-4 meters in length was spotted and filmed a few meters from the shore on the Poetto beach in Cagliari. The specimen was seen on Monday by Claudia Cadoni of the Le Palmette kiosk: it was she who made the video with her mobile phone. After approaching the shoreline, the shark moved away towards the small port of Marina Piccola.

“It is perfectly normal for them to approach the coasts – explains Andrea Camedda, researcher at Cnr-Ias who works at Cres, the Sinis recovery center in Oristano – during our monitoring we have seen them several times in Olbia and Orosei.

Normally they are in search of food, often chasing after a few schools of fish. It must be emphasized that there is no danger to humans. It is true that in some countries there have been attacks by sharks, especially white sharks or tiger sharks, but it happens because they mistake the surfer or swimmer for their natural prey, such as the seal or the sea lion “.

And the researcher specifies: “Sharks like the blue shark or the gray shark must be preserved because they are threatened by human fishing activities”. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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