Mattarella: ‘Supporting families living with disabilities’

Med 2021, Draghi:

“Unfortunately, the health crisis, which still forces us, has in many cases compromised the social opportunities of people with disabilities, making them more vulnerable. There have been situations of real isolation and social exclusion of young people and adults who have suffered particularly for measures to contain the pandemic. The institutions have been called upon to support families living with disabilities, often burdened by economic and work problems, in order not to leave anyone alone in dealing with a problem, that of the protection of human dignity, which is everyone’s responsibility “. This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The Minister for Disabilities Erika Stefani, opening the proceedings of the meeting “Dialogue on disability. What has been done and what can be done together” in the Senate, remembers that “we have spent two difficult years that allow us today to take stock to throw the foundations of what will be the implant of the future. I would not want Disability Day – she added – to become one of those rhetorical days, like Women’s Day where you only remember women on that day. let’s think about the world of disabilities, only on the international day. It must be a moment of reflection, careful, where to take stock of the situation “. “The enabling law on disability will necessarily be approved and published in the Gazzetta by December 31 of this year because it is the deadline imposed by the NRP, otherwise it will affect the same. The law knows what to do. The same legislative decrees must necessarily be made within 20 months, again because it is imposed by the NRP program “. Disability Minister Erika Stefani underlined this during the meeting “Dialogue on disability. What has been done and what can be done together” on the occasion of International Disability Day. “Unlike many other cases in which there has been talk of so many reforms that – he added – then remain a dead letter, in delegations that are not implemented, today they are forced to do so and I am happy about this. Because it is an imposition that does yes. that we come to a conclusion “. Although Stefani admitted that “it will be a very demanding job because 20 months will overrule a government and it will be a great challenge for those who will come later. For this we have made a journey with an extensive discussion with the Federations themselves, which I thank very much. path must be shared as much as possible because in this way the issue of disabilities will also survive the policies, the various colors and the various vicissitudes that can exist in a government “.

Meanwhile, in recent days, the Disability Card: a card with a photo and a QR Code containing all the health data which, in respect of privacy and confidentiality, demonstrates the disability of the person exhibiting it. Edestined to 4 million people who have between 67% and 100% disability. Potential beneficiaries will be able to apply directly on the INPS website from February 2022 “with a super-simplified procedure” and obtain it after two months. In April, according to INPS estimates, the first Disability Cards printed by the State Printing and Mint Institute will be ready. The new ‘identity card’ for people with disabilities will have a duration of ten years and will then have to be renewed.


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