Corruption: trial requested for former Calabria councilor

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(ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, 04 DEC – The DDA of Reggio Calabria has requested the indictment of the former regional councilor of Calabria Nicola Paris, elected in 2020 with the UDC list and arrested last August with the accusation of corruption. The first preliminary hearing of the “Inter nos” trial was set for January 13 in the bunker court in front of the gup Giuseppina Candito. A total of 26 defendants have been asked for indictment by the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri and by the substitutes Walter Ignazitto, Giulia Scavello and Marika Mastrapasqua.

Paris, according to what is written in the restrictive provision, would have tried to intervene on the former acting president of the Region, Nino Spirlì, in order to solicit the renewal of the contract for Giuseppe Corea, the director of the economic and financial resources management sector of the Healthcare Company provincial. Korea is also accused because it was considered by the investigators to be the person thanks to whom the companies close to the Serraino, Iamonte and Locride clans obtained the contracts. Korea’s appointment was allegedly pushed by Paris in the interest of the entrepreneurs who, according to the indictment, “had supported him during the election campaign”.

The suspects Antonino Chilà, Giovanni Lauro, Antonino D’Andrea, Mario Carmelo D’Andrea, Domenico Chilà, Angelo Zaccuri, Bruno Martorano, Lorenzo Delfino, Sergio Piccolo, Gianluca Valente and Antonio Costantino. They are accused of having been part of “a criminal association aimed at the indeterminate commission of crimes of corruption, disturbed freedom of enchantments, abstention from enchantments and, more generally, of crimes against the public administration”. Among the 26 defendants there are also the former general manager of the ASP Rosanna Squillacioti, the former commissioner Francesco Sarica and the manager of the Planning and Budget office of the Company Angela Minniti, accused of auction disruption. Instead, the former head of the emergency room of the Locri hospital Domenico Salvatore Forte and the administrative collaborator of the Asp Francesco Macheda are accused of trafficking in flu. (HANDLE).


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