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In Ferrara the Municipality donates a dictionary of dialect to school

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 15 DEC – The mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri (Lega), presented the text, promoted and financed by the Municipality, ‘Let’s learn the Ferrara dialect’, distributed this morning by the councilor Dorota Kusiak in three schools ( the ‘Biagio Rossetti’, the ‘Franceschini’, in the hamlet of Porotto and the ‘Alberto Manzi’ institute in Gaibanella) to about seventy students, representing the approximately 4,600 pupils who from these days will be able to consult the ‘handbook’ of the vernacular local.

The one distributed and donated to schools by the Municipality is a small dictionary of the Ferrara dialect for very young pupils, with illustrations by the well-known designer Alberto Lunghini, popular sayings, the most frequently used and everyday words. The text is divided into short chapters, dedicated to the terms referring to the city, the Spal, families and expressions to define animals, cooking, food, parties, countryside, human body, weather, school, months, days of the week, home, clothes, colors, actions. At the beginning there is a historical introduction that briefly traces the evolution of the language: Latin, the influences of the Gauls, who inhabited the Po plain, up to the language of which the people were the creators, handed down from generation to generation. generation.

“We must be proud – said the mayor – of our mother tongue, it represents our roots, it is a strong link with our past and it is also a look at the world, a way of thinking and looking at things. Knowing the language local helps to know even more history and oneself. Not only that, from its knowledge – added Fabbri – also derives a greater integration of those who come from other territories, with a view to promoting our culture to the fullest external, opening us to the world “. (HANDLE).

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