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Covid: parties prohibited on the street; De Luca, this is how we save the economy

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Navalny's daughter to the EU:

(ANSA) – CAIVANO (NAPLES), 16 DEC – “For Christmas and New Year no parties, no parties and no gatherings. yourselves, your children and your elders. Make the leaders and the mayors and the police help us “. Thus the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, replied in Caivano (Naples) to the reporters who asked him about the ordinance issued in which public events are prohibited for the Christmas holidays.

“I made this decision because nothing is controlled on New Year’s Eve, so the risk of being forced to close with the new year is too high”. De Luca then reiterated that “a hard fist must be used against those who do not respect the rules. Those places that violate the ordinance must be closed in order to sell some spirits, which also suck; vodka produced in our neighborhoods is sold, in Forcella in particular. Strict controls are needed and no complaints. Just think that in Barcelona the consumption of alcohol on the street is prohibited all year round, and not for Covid, but for a matter of civility. Naughty is not a topic ” concluded De Luca. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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