Barrels: 8 quintals seized by the police in Pescara

The CDM has approved the new decree on quarantines and super green pass (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PESCARA, 30 DEC – Extensive operation by the Pescara Police which carried out the preventive seizure of two deposits and about 8 quintals of explosive material of illegal cataloging and manufacturing, together with about 25 thousand pyrotechnic articles not for free sale, belonging equally in categories F3 and F4.

The agents of the Administrative Team of the Administrative and Social Police Division, assisted by the staff of the Canine Units and the Artificieri Unit of the Police Headquarters, intervened in numerous sales points in Pescara and the province in order to identify and seize dangerous material. The checks were also extended to the main storage and distribution hubs where, with the help of anti-explosive dogs and bomb squads also equipped with X-ray scanners, it was possible to identify anonymously packaged parcels within which they were some kilograms of illegal category F3 fires were found and seized. Whole batches of illegal fires were found that had received a cataloging that did not correspond to the actual content as required by law and that P1 cataloging, i.e. pyrotechnic articles that present a reduced potential risk and which turned out to belong instead to categories F3 and F4 including a range of fireworks which present a high risk and the use of which is restricted to licensed persons with specialist knowledge. After the seizures carried out, the investigations continue to certify the chain of production, transport and cataloging of the materials. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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