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Pope: enough violence against women, too many barbed wires in the world

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Fire in the parish in Monza: two nuns saved (ANSA)

“While mothers give their lives and women guard the world, let us all work to promote mothers and protect women. How much violence there is against women! Enough! To hurt a woman is to outrage God, that from a woman he took humanity, not from an angel, not directly: from a woman “. The Pope said this in the homily of the Mass at St. Peter’s. “The new year begins in the sign of the Mother. The maternal gaze is the way to be reborn and grow. Mothers, women look at the world not to exploit it, but to have life: looking with the heart, they manage to keep dreams together and concreteness “, he added.
And “there is a need for people capable of weaving threads of communion, which contrast the too many barbed threads of divisions”. “Mothers – Pope Francis continued – know how to overcome obstacles and conflicts, they know how to instill peace. In this way they manage to transform adversity into opportunities for rebirth and growth opportunities. They do it because they know how to guard, they know how to keep the threads of life together”.
And therefore “the Church is mother, the Church is woman”, “we cannot find the place of woman in the Church without reflecting her in the woman mother”, “this is the place of woman in the Church”.
“Mary – the Pope said again in the homily of the Mass – compares different experiences, finding the hidden threads that bind them. In her heart, in her prayer, she performs this extraordinary operation: she binds the beautiful and the ugly; not them. keeps them separate, but unites them “. This is why “Mary is the mother of catholicity, we can say” that “this is why Mary is ‘catholic’, because she unites, she does not separate”, concluded the Pontiff.

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Source From: Ansa

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