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Weather: Arctic blitz, cold winds and snow from mid-week

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After a start to the year dominated by a large anticyclonic figure, time on Italy is destined to change once again. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it, announces that the first signs of change will begin to be seen as early as Monday 3 January on the northern sectors of the Atlantic Ocean: the Canadian Vortex will continue to “churn out” great depressions on the North Atlantic which will gradually deform the anticyclonic bubble wedged between the Mediterranean and Italy. This configuration will favor an initial aging phase of the African high pressure still present on our country and will leave more space for threats from the Arctic Circle. Over the course of Tuesday 4, a first unstable impulse will cause a worsening of the weather especially on Liguria, eastern Piedmont and Lombardy with the risk of some rain.
This will be the prelude to a stronger and more organized disturbance that will quickly approach Italy. The expected turning point between Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 will therefore follow, with the arrival of intense and cold winds, accompanied by precipitation throughout the North East which will take on a snowy character in the Alps starting from 800/900 meters of altitude.
It also worsens in the Center-South with more irregular but snowy rainfall on the Apennines around 1000 meters.

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Source From: Ansa

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