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The assets of the Pryamoy and 5 Channel TV channels arrested – the EU party

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Poroshenko’s party called this court decision an intention to “clean up the country’s information space”

Party “European Solidarity”: “Direct” and “Channel 5” are not the last TV channels that Zelensky is trying to close / Photo: Collage: Today

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The party “European Solidarity” announced the arrest of the assets of the television channels “Pryamaya” and “Channel 5” by the Pechersk District Court, despite the fact that the fifth president of Ukraine no longer owns them since November.

The statement was published on the website of the political force

What else is under arrest

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“In addition to Poroshenko’s property, Judge Bortnitskaya arrested the assets of Direct and Channel 5. This clearly shows that, first of all, the Zelensky regime seeks to end freedom of speech, to make it impossible for any criticism of the authorities in the information space. “- these are not the last TV channels that Zelensky is trying to close, that he only wants a” warm information bath. “

The party of Petro Poroshenko also believes that the decision to arrest the property of the fifth president is illegal due to a conflict of interest. According to the “ES”, the deputy chairman of the Zelensky Office, Oleg Tatarov, at one time was the scientific supervisor of Judge Bortnitskaya during his dissertation defense.

“But this does not prevent the President’s Office from imposing arrest on them (TV channels. – Ed.), Demonstrating complete legal” lawlessness “and its true intentions – to clean up the country’s information space,” the party said.

In addition, Petro Poroshenko once again confirmed that the fifth president will return to Ukraine anyway.



Source From: Segodnya

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