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Poroshenko strikes back: what does the news about the arrest of Direct and Channel 5 mean?

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The RRG had to convene a separate briefing to explain the situation with the fifth president

Poroshenko announced a “cleanup of the information field” at the behest of Zelensky. At the RRB, they all deny it. / Photo: Collage: Today

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Petro Poroshenko became a newsmaker for January on the political agenda. Troubled times have come for the fifth president of Ukraine: the State Bureau of Investigations announced the delivery of a suspicion of treason, and the Pechersk District Court seized the politician’s property. Poroshenko’s arrival in Kiev may even end up in custody, which has already been requested by the Prosecutor General’s Office with an alternative bail of UAH 1 billion.

Return to Ukraine

Pyotr Alekseevich himself is abroad and has already announced plans to return back to Ukraine on January 17. The start of the European tour coincided with the release date of the controversial video in which investigators unsuccessfully try to talk to Poroshenko.

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The order “let’s go, b **”, which came from the politician’s car, has already become a meme on the Internet.

Poroshenko is trying to serve a summons

And although the fifth president claims that he has planned a trip abroad in advance, the RRB thinks differently. The investigation established that Petro Poroshenko bought plane tickets on the day of departure.

True, the leader of the “European Solidarity” during this time has already managed to visit Istanbul at a meeting with Bartholomew and attend a number of public events in Warsaw.

Reply to Zelensky

“I’ll come and talk,” Poroshenko repeats this phrase in his latest interviews from Poland, addressing President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The rhetoric of an opposition politician clearly indicates that no one will sit back and wait for arrest… On the contrary, Petro Poroshenko makes it clear that the seizure of property and suspicion of treason is supposedly another round of repression by the authorities against the opposition.

“Is this news to me? I have been on call for 130 cases for three years, but I have my own schedule,” he said on December 29 from Warsaw.

Searches in the “EU”

More formidable statements are made on behalf of Poroshenko’s party, European Solidarity. On the eve of Christmas, on January 6, they said that the decision to seize the property of the fifth president was “made by green evil spirits”… It is not hard to guess who we are talking about.

And the head of the central headquarters of the “EU” Alexander Turchinov warmed up the topic of “repression” with the news of searches of a number of Poroshenko’s associates. Among them are ex-deputy Sergei Berezenko and assistant to the fifth president, Yuri Onishchenko.

Arrest of TV channels

But the main news “European Solidarity” calls the seizure of assets of the television channels “Pryamaya” and “Channel 5”. The key thesis of Poroshenko’s associates: authorities attack freedom of speech and try to close down independent media.

“This clearly shows that, first of all, the Zelensky regime seeks to end freedom of speech, to make impossible any criticism of the authorities in the information space,” they said there.

People’s deputies from the “EU” said this on all broadcasts so loudly that the State Bureau of Investigations had to separately clarify the situation. Twice. They said it was not true. Messages on the site appeared on January 7 and 10.

Channels (not) Poroshenko

Back in November last year, Petro Poroshenko reinsured against the law on oligarchs and transferred the assets of the TV channels to the Free Media media holding, which belongs to the media collective and MPs from the EU.

But how then can the property of “Direct” and “Channel 5” be arrested if formally they are not the assets of the fifth president?

According to the RRB, in short – nothing. The Bureau explained that the opposition media can continue to work freely. The reason is that two enterprises are under arrest – Avtor TV LLC and its “daughter” TRK-NBM Zaporozhye. Both belong to Poroshenko. But none of them, as the RRB assures, affects the interests of opposition TV channels.

Poroshenko found an answer here. Lawyer Igor Golovan assures that the two arrested enterprises still rebroadcast “Direct” and “Channel 5” and, most interestingly, they do not belong to Poroshenko.

Defenders of the fifth president pointed out that the register of legal entities is changing the owners of assets with a delay. And they just haven’t had time to update the data there yet. Lawyer Golovan said that he didn’t believe in accidents and expressed his position: such a “mistake” in the petition of prosecutors was deliberate.

In any case, the resulting legal conflict did not affect the work of the TV channels in any way. “Direct” and “Channel 5” are still broadcasting… Nevertheless, the RRB decided to make excuses in response to the “counteroffensive” of Petro Poroshenko and his associates.

And then what happens: Either the SBI did not arrest the assets of the channels and Poroshenko was whipped up hysteria, or did the team of the fifth president really catch the security officials on a legal oversight, and now the law enforcers have backed down? There is no third.

However, there is no time to find out. Party “European Solidarity” one after another inflicts media strikes on all fronts. Starting from statements about the repression of the opposition, pressure on freedom of speech and ending with accusations of unprofessionalism on the security forces, and Zelensky of personal revenge. The RRB can only fight back, refuting countless statements and simultaneously assuring the public of an impartial investigation.

Before Pyotr Alekseevich’s return to Ukraine, the comrades-in-arms really raised a noble fuss. After all, even if there is an arrest of a politician, it is obviously beneficial for Poroshenko that he be loud, scandalous and, of course, politically motivated. We do not yet know what arguments will be used by the Prosecutor General’s Office in court – however, the battle for the electorate’s favor has already begun.


Source From: Segodnya

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