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    Found dead in construction site: investigating judge reopens case, ‘investigating wife’

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    Giuliano Sangiorgi positive at Covid:

    (ANSA) – MILAN, 11 JAN – The crime story of Mauro Pamiro reopens, the 44-year-old musician and computer professor at a higher institute in Crema found dead on the morning of June 29, 2020 in a construction site in the town in the province of Cremona. As reported by some newspapers, the judge for preliminary investigations, Giulia Masci, did not dismiss the open investigation against the victim’s wife, Debora Stella, the only one investigated with the hypothesis of murder.

    The investigating judge gave the Prosecutor six months to investigate the examinations that will shed light on the circumstances, never fully clarified, in which the death of the professor took place, who came out at 2 am from his home, barefoot and without a mobile phone, and the body was found in the morning by the first workers who arrived on site.

    According to the prosecutor’s office, and according to the investigations carried out by the police, Pamiro’s had been a suidicio: according to the reconstruction of the investigators, he had climbed on the roof of the building under construction, had taken a run-up and had launched himself into the void. A thesis that family members have never believed. And that now also clashes with the request of the investigating judge to acquire the video that the Cremona mobile squad shot in the house in the morning, when the investigators presented themselves to his wife, described in a confused state.

    Enough to accuse himself of the crime and then retract. Before being admitted to psychiatry, the woman told of having been raped by her husband and of having defended herself by slapping him on the head.

    New checks are also requested on the fragment of a tile seized on the site of the tragedy to rule out – or not – that someone used it to hit the victim.


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    Source From: Ansa

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