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    Troops will enter under a false flag: CNN learned how Russia will start hostilities in Ukraine

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    There is information that Moscow has long prepared a group of operatives for a special operation in Ukraine

    Putin has a plan ready for a long time / Collage “Today”

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    Russia is preparing a special operation in the Donbas under a false flag to justify the invasion of Ukraine. For these purposes, a group of operatives is already ready to start a special operation.

    This was announced to the American television channel CNN by a US official.

    What is known

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    The channel’s source said that the United States has information that a group of operatives are trained in urban warfare and the use of explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against forces controlled by Russia.

    This information coincides with the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that the Russian special services are preparing provocations against their own forces in an attempt to frame Ukraine.

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    A US official told CNN that Russia could be preparing to invade Ukraine in mid-January, early February. “The Russian military plans to start these actions weeks before the military invasion, which could begin between mid-January and mid-February,” the official said. According to the source, it will be something like during the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

    US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan hinted at certain intelligence during a briefing with reporters on Thursday.

    “Our intelligence received information that Russia is laying the groundwork to be able to fabricate a pretext for an invasion. We saw this performance in 2014. They are preparing this play again, and we will have additional details about preparing a pretext (for an invasion – Ed. ) with which we will share in the next 24 hours,” Sullivan said the day before.


    • January 14 in Ukraine began with information that the websites of government agencies in the country were subjected to a cyberattack. Bohdan Petrenko, deputy director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Study of Extremism, believes that the cyberattack on government websites indicates that Russia has begun rehearsing for an invasion of Ukraine.
    • Now Russia has deployed about 100,000 troops near the borders of Ukraine, and the other day “unexpectedly” began new military exercises. The media even published a map of the locations of Russian troops.
    • Earlier it was reported that the most likely period for an invasion of Ukraine is the second half of January. Allegedly, by this moment the transfer of troops will end, plus negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States, NATO and the OSCE will take place. But, as it became known to The New York Times, a possible attack is postponed due to … the weather.


    Source From: Segodnya

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