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    Violence women: victim ‘saved’ by anti-stalker bracelet

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    The website of the Iranian supreme guide Khamenei relaunches video in which Trump is in the crosshairs (ANSA)

    A woman victim of violence was ‘saved’ thanks to the anti-stalker bracelet and her former partner, a 33-year-old Roman, was arrested last night by the carabinieri of the Settecamini station in Rome.
    A story that ended well that involved a 37-year-old woman who reported being a victim of violence in the past by her former partner. The woman, after reporting the domestic violence, had managed to put an end to the relationship with her former partner who, among other things, had been subjected by the Gip of the Court of Rome to the precautionary measure of the prohibition of approaching her, with a bracelet electronic.
    A precautionary measure “reinforced” by the electronic anti-stalker device, which the victim had agreed to always carry with him. A small tool that, last night, saved her from probable further attacks and allowed the carabinieri to arrest the man accused of stalking. In fact, the 37-year-old, at the end of her shift, hearing her device ring, realized she was in danger: her ex was waiting for her outside, violating the prohibition on approaching.
    Immediately, he alerted the Single Emergency Number 112 and requested the intervention of the carabinieri, already alerted by the anti-stalker device that alerted the Operations Center of the Tivoli Company.
    Arriving on the spot, the military, after making contact with the victim, identified the man nearby who, in fact, did not seem to have good intentions. Once discovered, in fact, he began to threaten the woman and was therefore arrested and taken to prison pending the decisions of the Judicial Authority of Rome.

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    “I am ready to make Rome a pilot city in the use of the electronic bracelet as proposed, last December, by the Government for the crimes of stalking and violence against women”. The Councilor for Equal Opportunities of Rome Monica Lucarelli announces it.

    “We are committed – he continues – to ensure that the use of the ‘Scudo’ database is increasingly implemented, in which the forms compiled by the police or carabinieri are collected when they find themselves in front of women in a situation of hardship due to of a quarrel with her partner. She must collect even the most harmless signals and trigger an immediate investigation, to ensure that every woman can be protected and protected. It would be important that it also be integrated with the data collected by health facilities and anti-violence centers “.

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    “The electronic bracelet and anti-stalker devices are security tools for women: with our female ministers we have proposed their enhanced use, it is a provision to be approved as soon as possible”, writes on Twitter Mara Carfagna Minister for the South and the Territorial cohesion, commenting on the news of the woman saved by the anti-stalker device.


    Source From: Ansa

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