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    “There is nowhere to retreat. Putin’s life is at stake”: what will Moscow’s ultimatum on Ukraine lead to

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    Experts say world order is being rebuilt

    Vladimir Putin. / Photo: Collage: Today

    The 18 US scenarios for responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are proactive.

    This was stated by diplomat Ruslan Osipenko on the air of the program “Today is the Day” on the TV channel “Ukraine 24”.

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    And so they give a signal to Russia that they know the Russian plans, and that these plans have been carried out. There are 18 scenarios, and the answer will be in any case to any form of attack on Ukraine – whether it be a cyber attack or a “hot phase of the war … In diplomacy, this is called a threat by action“, – he said.

    “Putin has nowhere to retreat”

    In his opinion, if we talk about recent cyber attacks in Ukraine, then if the general group of cybersecurity specialists determines for sure that this was a Russian trail, then there will be consequences for Russia 100%:

    And so begins the “hot” phase of the war. First, the internal political situation is shattered, a blackout is made, electricity is turned off for the entire country or individual large industrial cities, then proxy groups and the armed forces enter“.

    According to the diplomat, Russia has created such a situation with its own hands, raised the stakes so much that there is nowhere to retreat.

    Either it will provoke a hybrid aggression against Ukraine, or Putin will lose power, and maybe even his life, because in Russia the vertical is limited to one person. This is fraught with physical harm to him.

    Therefore, he has nowhere to retreat – he will not let go of Ukraine … Putin will provoke, but these will be disguised forms – under Belarus, the CSTO, in order to reduce the pressure of sanctions on Russia“.

    “The undercover game is being played”

    At the same time, political scientist Oleg Posternak noted on the Ukraine 24 TV channel that the United States did not demonstrate these 18 scenarios to Ukraine.

    The world is currently undergoing a restructuring of the world order. After the US withdrew its army from Afghanistan, the world thought that the Americans were weak. This disperses Putin’s desire. In Russia, there is an elite that is not a supporter of any military action. But there is a power top“, – he said.

    In addition, the political scientist noted that in recent months, the Russian president has been spending time with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who is a close official in the Putin hierarchy:

    Maybe there is some sort of undercover game going on. And each of the groups in Putin’s power demonstrates its effectiveness, it seems to emphasize its importance, including thanks to the alarming military situation that currently exists.“.

    “Putin started the second Cold War”

    In turn, Russian journalist Roman Popkov pointed out on the Ukraine 24 TV channel that there is a lot of talk about sanctions in the Russian media, on federal channels:

    It’s quite funny to see how all this Putin’s pseudo-patriotic public shouts with one voice: “And China is no worse, we will buy from the Chinese!” Here is such an inversion of Russian patriotism – the willingness to go to China to bow. This is a significant threat to the Kremlin. And in the spring of 2014, it was a serious loyalty test for the elites… Now it will be another loyalty test. I do not think that Putin really wants to arrange this test“.

    According to him, it is important to understand that Putin started the second cold war:

    “He has been leading it in principle since the spring of 2014, it continues, but at the moment a dramatic phase has begun. conquerors.

    But there is another group – these are state security officers, mainly grouped around the Security Council, people who are not good friends with reality … And now, unfortunately, Putin is listening more and more to this small but influential group.

    Recall, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland warned that Washington has developed many different options for painfully influencing Moscow if the Russian authorities decide on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

    The United States once again stressed that Russia would pay the price if it tried to attack Ukraine.

    According to the US Deputy Secretary of State, Washington still wants to resolve the problem through diplomatic dialogue, at the same time, action plans have already been developed for various cases, in particular in the event of Russian aggression.


    Source From: Segodnya

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