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    January 17: what holiday is today, signs and what not to do

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    Benjamin Franklin, Inventors’ Children’s Day – what other significant dates and important events in the history of Ukraine and the world are celebrated on January 17th.

    January 17: what holiday is today / Фото: Pixabay

    What is the national and Orthodox holiday for Ukrainians on January 17, 2022? Who celebrates their birthdays? In addition, we talk about international, national and state holidays, important events that have taken place in history, as well as the main signs of this day.

    What day is today, January 17

    • Kid Inventors’ Day
      – is held in the world annually on January 17 in honor of the birthday of the American Benjamin Franklin, who came up with his first invention as a child at the age of 12 years.

    Birthdays January 17

    Angel Day is celebrated today by: Alexander, Aristarkh, Artem, Arkhip, Athanasius, Denis, Efim, Joseph, Karp, Clement, Mark, Nikanor, Nikolai, Pavel, Prokhor, Semyon, Stepan, Terenty, Timofey, Trofim, Thaddeus, Philip.

    What is the church holiday today

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    On January 17, the Cathedral of the 70 Apostles is celebrated in the Orthodox Church. The memory of St. Theoktist, St. Eustathius I, Archbishop of Serbia, Hieromartyrs Alexander Skalsky, Stefan Ponomarev and Philip Grigoriev, presbyters is honored.

    Folk holiday

    On January 17, the people revered Zosima the beekeeper. According to the observation of our ancestors, by the end of Christmas time, the evil spirits really wanted to harm people in every possible way. I had to go around my house with the icon. To scare away evil spirits and drive away devils, on this day, men and women also put on sheepskin coats inside out and walked along the street like that. And then they kindled bonfires, jumped over the fire and arranged a celebration of victory over evil spirits. It was customary to serve treats with honey on the table.

    Signs for January 17

    • on Zosima all divination is true;
    • clear sky at night – to the flood;
    • if the ash in the furnace quickly goes out – to an early warming;
    • clear and frosty night on Zosima – the cold will last for a long time.

    Interesting and important events in Ukraine and the world on January 17

    • 1605 – Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote was first published.
    • 1805 – the first university in eastern Ukraine was opened in Kharkov.
    • 1969 – The Beatles released Yellow Submarine.
    • 1987 – the Women’s Council of Ukraine was created.

    Who was born on January 17

    • 1706 – Benjamin Franklin, American politician, scientist, inventor, and writer.
    • 1863 – Konstantin Stanislavsky, Russian actor, director, founder of the Moscow Art Theater.
    • 1962 – Jim Carrey, American film actor
    • 1979 – Olya Polyakova, Ukrainian singer.
    • 1980 – Maxim Chmerkovsky, Ukrainian-American dancer, choreographer, TV presenter, film actor.
    • 1987 – Oleksandr Usyk, Ukrainian professional boxer.

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    Source From: Segodnya

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