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    Shooting in Milan: investigating judge, hypothesis that the principal is a rapper

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    Sassoli, the EU Parliament prepares for the commemoration (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – MILAN, JANUARY 17 – The “instigator of the punitive expedition” which ended with a shooting in Piazza Monte Falterona, in the San Siro district of Milan, in which a 26-year-old Egyptian was injured on January 8, could be a “Milanese rapper” for “issues related to obtaining musical contracts” with a major record company. It can be read, on the basis of a telephone interception, in the custody order in prison, signed by the Milanese investigating judge Chiara Valori, against Carlo Testa, convicted for drug trafficking, arrested three days ago by the Milan mobile squad for attempted murder in the investigation of the prosecutor Stefano Civardi with a ‘feud’ between groups of rappers at the center and in a context also of conflicts in drug dealing.

    The episode is one of those, together with the sexual violence in Piazza Duomo on New Year’s Eve and the Friday night attack of a policeman who was also disarmed in the Navigli area, at the center of security controversies in the city.

    The order reports wiretapping in which Islam Abdel Karim, rapper known as ’24K’ speaks, who, writes the investigating judge, indicates “the involvement of Testa”, defended in the proceedings by the lawyer Niccolò Vecchioni, “in the shooting “, but it also provides” a possible key to understanding what happened “: it refers in fact” to the possibility that the instigator of the punitive expedition is another Milanese rapper known in the world as ‘Rondo da Sosa’, for reasons related to obtaining of musical contracts “. To a person with whom he is talking, who tells him “they should also take the principal”, ’24K’ replies: “that son of p ….. from Rondo? That it all started because of him (…) that it was an execution, a real execution, they tried to hit me several times “. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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