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    Putin is traumatized because of Ukraine – Yatsenyuk said what the Kremlin wants

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    The ex-premier explained how the Russian Federation undermines the Ukrainian state

    Russian President Vladimir Putin sees his mission as the destruction of the Ukrainian nation and state, the Russian leader is trying to achieve his goal in two ways.

    This opinion was expressed on the air of the program “Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster” on TV channel “Ukraine 24” ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

    “Vladimir Putin hates Ukraine. For Vladimir Putin, Ukraine and Ukrainians is a big trauma. Putin believes that he has a historical mission, and this historical mission is the restoration of the Soviet Union, either through a military takeover of Ukraine, or through a hybrid war that he will never stop Either he will enter with the army, I hope that this will be stopped and this will not be allowed, or he will continue to continue the hybrid war inside Ukraine,” the politician said.

    Arseniy Yatsenyuk

    Arseniy Yatsenyuk / Photo: nfront.org.ua

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    As Yatsenyuk noted, “through its fifth column, through the massive Russian agents that are in the Ukrainian government today, the FSB is working to undermine the Ukrainian state.”

    “Everything that Russia does will have a continuation. We must always be ready. The Ukrainian authorities must be mobilized as much as possible. Putin tested how the West would behave … In principle, I don’t remember in the entire history of Ukraine that the West stood like a mountain for Ukraine. This has never happened in Ukrainian history … Putin tested it – the West did not give up,” he stressed.

    According to Yatsenyuk, Putin “sees the internal weakness of the Ukrainian government, but has no right to see the weakness of the Ukrainian nation.”

    “When we are together, when we are united, we will preserve the state and resist Vladimir Putin and his Russian aggression, the purpose of which is to destroy us as a nation and as a state,” the ex-premier added.

    Russia threatens the West over Ukraine

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, after talks with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on January 21, threatened “serious consequences” in the event of a “large-scale deployment of NATO forces and assets” in Ukraine.

    “It has been clearly communicated to Blinken that further disregard for the legitimate concerns of the Russian Federation, related primarily to the ongoing military development by the United States and its NATO allies of the territory of Ukraine against the backdrop of a large-scale deployment of forces and assets of the Alliance near our borders, will have the most serious consequences. This can be avoided if Washington reacts positively to our draft agreements on security guarantees, to which we expect to receive a written article-by-article reaction from the American side next week,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    At the same time, Sergei Lavrov said that the Russian Federation is not going to attack Ukraine.

    Now, Russia has deployed about 100,000 troops near the borders of Ukraine, and the other day “unexpectedly” began new military exercises. A map of the locations of Russian troops was also published.

    Experts call the second half of January the most likely period for an invasion of Ukraine. Allegedly, by this moment the transfer of troops will end, plus negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States, NATO and the OSCE will take place. But, according to The New York Times, a possible attack is postponed due to the weather.


    Source From: Segodnya

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