‘Fraud against Antonio Citterio’, over 3 years as a former secretary

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(ANSA) – MILAN, 24 JAN – Licia Azzurrina Scagliotti, at the time trusted secretary of Antonio Citterio, world-famous architect and designer, was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months of imprisonment, accused of an alleged fraud against the well-known professional in an investigation that in October 2020 led to the execution of a kidnapping of about 4.5 million euros. This was decided by the GUP of Milan Manuela Scudieri who, at the end of the trial with an abbreviated procedure resulting from the investigation of the prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia, also sentenced a former employee of Banco Bpm to 2 years.

In the investigation, conducted by the Gdf Economic and Financial Police Unit, the order of the seizure investigating magistrate was carried out on 1 October 2020 for the equivalent of the money resulting from the alleged scam, i.e. just over 4.5 million, and a measure of residence obligation towards the bank. Money that the woman would have stolen from the designer also by falsifying signatures on over 200 checks that she would have reused, according to the investigations, to renovate and run a restaurant inherited from her father in Liguria and which she would have also used to satisfy her inclination to gambling , spending over 436 thousand euros.

The GUP convicted the accused of fraud, improper use and falsification of credit cards and self-laundering, while he acquitted her “because the fact does not exist” from an accusation of tax evasion. Part of the charges, including those relating to the alleged fraud, have expired. The former bank official, on the other hand, was convicted of fraud. (HANDLE).


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