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    “Let’s fight!”: 52-year-old woman from Kiev took up a carbine to repel a Russian attack – photo

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    The Times wrote an article about Maryana Zhaglo, who is preparing for a Russian attack in Kiev

    The woman said that she had never hunted in her life. / Photo: Collage: Today

    The Times published a photo of a Ukrainian citizen with a Z15 carbine at the ready, preparing in her Kiev kitchen to repel the Russian threat.

    Mariana Zhaglo turned out to be a simple Ukrainian woman from the Ukrainian defense forces, and the weapons were British.

    “We will fight”

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    According to the publication, Maryana Zhaglo bought her “own hunting rifle.”

    “I don’t want (as a mother) my children to inherit Ukraine’s problems or to have these threats passed on to them. I’d rather take care of it now,” said the 52-year-old marketer.

    Mariana Zhaglo, photo – The Times

    According to the woman, she had never hunted in her life:

    “I bought this carbine after I heard some soldiers discussing the best rifle. If it comes to that, we will fight for Kiev, we will fight to defend our city. I don’t see any point in the Russians starting war,” she said.

    Help from the USA

    The third aircraft from the United States of America arrived in Ukraine with a batch of lethal weapons. The deliveries are part of the $200 million aid to Ukraine approved by the Joe Biden administration.

    Recall, a source close to the head of state Volodymyr Zelensky said that the President’s Office believes that the evacuation of American diplomats from Ukraine looks “absurd and inconsistent.”

    “The fact that the United States was the first to announce this – it is about voluntary departure and mandatory departure – is extremely disappointing, and, frankly, these Americans are safer in Kiev than in Los Angeles … or any other city in the United States,” the source said.

    Russian invasion threat


    Source From: Segodnya

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