Naples: deputy mayor, at work to avoid school demolition

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, 05 FEB – ” We are trying to understand if it is possible to intervene using all legally plausible ways to try to avoid killing. We are studying but unfortunately every day we discover new rather complex cases that mainly concern the patrimony of the Municipality ”. So to ANSA the deputy mayor of Naples and councilor for education, Mia Filippone, in relation to the matter – raised by Il Mattino – of the school owned by the Municipality located in via Rotondella ai Camaldoli, for which there is a request of demolition advanced by the Superintendency since the building is illegal. The school is located in the Chiaiano forest, an area subject to landscape restrictions.

Just to see the situation for himself, next week Filippone will carry out an inspection also to assess the state of the building in which there is also no fence. ” I find it incredible that it can be accessed inside the building – underlines the deputy mayor – we are however talking about an asset owned by the Municipality of Naples that has not even been thought of to protect from possible invasions and occupations ”. The school was designed in 2002, the project was okay in 2006 and work began in 2008 for a loan of over 2 million euros, but only in 2010 did the site manager realize that the Superintendence’s permits were missing. Thus it was that the works were stopped.

” We are facing an unlikely situation – adds Filippone – the Municipality that promoted the construction of the building is now in the position of having to demolish it. I wonder – he concludes – how it was possible to get up to today because that construction site has been closed for a decade. We know that the previous administration made attempts to remedy the situation but unfortunately they turned out to be unproductive ”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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