Covid: Acquaroli, orange zone? Graph is worth more than words

Sanremo, Sabrina Ferilli:

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 05 FEB – “More than a thousand words, the graph below illustrates the situation of the pandemic trend in the Marche since mid-November. The blue line represents the number of infections, while the red line represents the total number of hospitalizations , both in intensive care and in the medical area “. Francesco Acquaroli, president of the Marche Region writes it on Facebook, who will pass into the orange zone from Monday: the graph shows a largely descending parabola of positive cases and an increasing line of hospitalizations with a much more limited slope.

“It is clear that in the face of a very high increase in registered positives – affirms Acquaroli – there is no equal increase in hospitalizations in our hospitals, giving us a picture of a situation that fortunately, also thanks to the vaccination campaign, remains under control. Think that the data that yesterday brought us to the orange zone are 21.1% of hospitalizations in intensive care (54 hospitalizations out of 256 beds) – he adds – and 32.9% in the medical area (338 hospitalizations out of 1,027 beds) ). Already with today’s data – reports Acquaroli – we have 20.3% in intensive care (52 hospitalizations), and 31.7% in the medical area (325 hospitalizations) “.

“This is why we have asked and continue to ask the Government to change strategy and adapt it to this new phase, which is clear and unequivocal to us. – underlines the president of the Marche – The yellow zone, and even more so the orange zone, entail a alarm message with further social and economic consequences. If the government believes it does not remove this type of division into bands of color and restrictions, it must also face the consequences that weigh on entire sectors, such as tourism, commercial and economic activities , the world of entertainment and beyond.

As I have repeatedly reiterated, the Regions cannot intervene with measures contrary to these decisions taken by the Government. However, I believe it is urgent – he concludes – to resume the discussion at the Conference of the Regions to ask the Government for new refreshments by virtue of the restrictions it imposes “.


Source: Ansa

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