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Tirreno Power, demolition of former coal group buildings

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Yemen, Oxfam:

(ANSA) – SAVONA, 08 FEB – The construction site started in July 2021 by Tirreno Power in the Vado Ligure (Savona) power plant to demolish the buildings linked to the old coal-fired units, which were shut down in 2014, was presented this morning.

The actual culling began in November, and will employ around 100 people for an estimated duration of 18 months.

In recent years, the dismantling of the coal park, of the chimney (200 meters high) and of the duct that carried the fuel have already been carried out. The work will cost 12 million euros on volumes equal to 18 condominiums of 10 floors each, for a total area corresponding to approximately three football fields. The equipment used also includes a large tracked grapple that makes cuts at a height of over 30 meters.

The event was attended by the general manager of Armofer (company that has contracted out the activities) Emilio Cinerari and the corporate affairs director Tirreno Power Enrico Erulo: “The world of energy changes rapidly in the direction of sustainability – said Erulo – Tirreno Power has recently created a new facility called Energy Transition with the aim of developing renewable energy and energy communities. ” Also present were the mayors of Vado Ligure and Quiliano Monica Giuliano and Nicola Isetta. “It is an industrial revolution – said Giuliano – an economic regeneration of these areas with the forecast of a productive conversion”.

“A substantial change – added Isetta – this phase of change must be managed taking into account the new world”. The coal-fired groups were shut down in 2014 by order of the Savona Prosecutor’s Office. The company is being prosecuted on charges of environmental disaster: the process is still ongoing. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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