Ukraine: appeal by the CEI, to prevent the use of arms

Ukraine, the stories of people who returned to Italy:

(ANSA) – ROME, FEB 14 – The Italian Episcopal Conference launches an appeal to stop the tensions in Ukraine. “What is happening on the border between Ukraine and Russia worries the whole world. The real risk of a war, or even the hypothesis that a conflict could be unleashed, upsets the mind, shakes the conscience, adds concerns to the many that the humanity is already living for the pandemic and for the other ‘pandemics’ that cross the planet: poverty, disease, lack of education, local and regional conflicts … It is everyone’s responsibility, starting with national and international political headquarters, not only avoiding the use of arms, but also avoiding any hate speech, any reference to violence, any form of nationalism that leads to conflict “.

The Italian bishops underline that “there is no longer any place for arms in the history of humanity! This is the conviction that moves us on the eve of the meeting of the bishops and mayors of the Mediterranean to be held in Florence from 23 to 27 February. Peoples are called to live together in peace. Cooperation and dialogue, accompanied by diplomacy, are the rule and style of international relations. And on the day we remember Saints Cyril and Methodius, co-patrons of Europe, we appeal to the common roots in Christian faith, which is a message of peace, so that in the Old Continent there is always respectful coexistence, collaboration on the economic level, respect and lasting dialogue “.

The CEI again underlines that “peace is a precious asset that humanity cannot and must never give up”. The bishops pray “that a terrible scourge will be spared. We invite all the Churches of Italy to join in this prayer intention”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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