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“Hang the Greens”

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The right-wing extremist party “Der III. Way ”is currently to attract voters in Saxony and Bavaria. For the first time, the neo-Nazis are running a list of the two countries for the federal election on September 26th.

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The party, which was founded in 2013 with the significant participation of former NPD functionaries and right-wing extremists of banned neo-Nazi comradeships and which pursues a so-called “German socialism” based on historical National Socialism in its program, has been promoting itself for a few days with a misanthropic election poster .

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According to Tagesspiegel information, the posters with the specific slogan “Hang the Greens!” and the call “Choose German!” first appeared on Sunday in the greater Zwickau area. A spokeswoman for the Zwickau police spoke of a few posters in the cities of Zwickau, Plauen, Auerbach and Werdau. One of the calls for killing hangs on a lantern directly in front of the Zwickau constituency office of the Greens. According to a press release, the green district association immediately filed a complaint.

The local Bundestag candidate of the party Wolfang Wetzel called the posters “an attack on democracy and decency.” Its only purpose is to intimidate committed democrats who are committed to a cosmopolitan Zwickau, said Wetzel. The Greens district spokesman Thomas Doyé added that the authorities are expected to immediately remove the posters from the Zwickau urban area. In northern Saxony, too, right-wing extremist activists of the party, according to their own statements, have attached the same poster motif to light poles in various villages in the Muldental region as far as Bad Düben.

A spokeswoman for the Zwickau public prosecutor’s office told Tagesspiegel that the motifs in the Free State may initially continue to hang. The authority could not determine any criminal relevance of the slogan, because one does not know “who is specifically addressed”. It could be both politicians and voters of the party, said the spokeswoman. In addition, no specific threat situation has been identified, argues the prosecutor. However, it is conceivable that the city of Zwickau will issue a prohibition order for the poster motif in the next few days, the spokeswoman said. However, the city administration is now responsible for this.

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The murder call is handled differently in Munich. In the Bavarian capital, the police were shown several posters of the “III. Weges ”reported with the same message. According to a Twitter user, one of the posters was in front of the Green Party headquarters at Sendlinger Tor. The Munich police confirmed to the Tagesspiegel the motifs they had found, which concerned several areas of the department, but could not give a specific number for the time being.

In contrast to the Saxon police, officials in Munich decided to remove the posters themselves. A spokeswoman for the press office said that the public prosecutor’s office confirmed that the slogan was a disruption of the public peace through the threat of criminal offenses (Section 126, Criminal Code).

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