Covid: Cei, protocol stop for masses, masks until April

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(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 25 – The overcoming of the measures to combat the spread of the epidemic from Covid-19, as a consequence of the cessation of the state of emergency, “offers the possibility of a prudent recovery. Following the exchange of communications between Italian Episcopal Conference and Italian Government, with effect from 1 April 2022, the abrogation of the Protocol of 7 May 2020 for celebrations with the people is established “. This was reported by the CEI according to which “however, the situation urges everyone to a sense of responsibility and respect for attention and behavior to limit the spread of the virus”.

The obligation to wear masks in indoor places of worship will be there until April 30th. However, it is not mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of one meter. “However, what is necessary and appropriate should be prepared to avoid gatherings, especially at the entrance, at the exit and among the people who, possibly, follow the celebrations standing up”, suggests the CEI. Like you too, she asks the parish priests to continue to observe “the indication to sanitize hands at the entrance to places of worship”.

The holy water fonts will remain empty and for the exchange of peace “it is advisable to continue to turn one’s eyes to intercept those of the neighbor and to bow, avoiding a handshake or an embrace”. For the distribution of the Eucharist the ministers will continue to wear the mask and sanitize their hands before distributing it preferably in the hand.

It is also asked not to participate in the celebrations for those with flu symptoms and those subjected to isolation because they are positive for Covid-19. Indications are also given for the ventilation of the rooms and the sanitation of churches and sacristies. “It is possible to resume the practice of processions”, continues the CEI. (HANDLE).

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