PerugiAssisi against war, marching “with Pope Francis”

A sign to say no to war, in Rivoli a dog acts as an 'ambassador' (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ASSISI (PERUGIA), APRIL 13 – The March for peace and fraternity scheduled for April 24 will end for the first time in its history in Piazza San Francesco instead of at the Rocca di Assisi. war is madness “to say enough of the conflict in Ukraine and all the others in the world. “We will march with Pope Francis” underlined Flavio Lotti, soul of PerugiAssisi, and fra Marco Moroni, custodian of the Sacred Convent, presenting the appointment. Recalling the words of the Pontiff against conflicts and announcing that the adhesions are already “many”.

“Pope Francis will be with us – said Lotti – with all his message and the language of signs that he is using in such a copious and meaningful way. Together with him we want to say the only thing that can be said in the face of a war and that is that it must be stopped. The only thing we will set out for. ” He then spoke of a march “necessary to foster a movement of citizens who join Pope Francis and cry to him ‘stop'”. “We need – he added – that a movement grow from below to avoid the escalation of the war and other massacres such as those we learn about every day. We need to prevent this war from reaching us too because this is the danger of day before. There was the important cry of the mayors because the budgets are already suffering, it is not just the price of gasoline. There is a shock wave of the war that risks putting many people in great suffering. La PerugiAssisi it will therefore be the march of people who want to take care of each other “.

“We walk with Pope Francis and with Francis”, Father Moroni underlined. “The invitation we make – he added – is, at the end of the march, to go to the tomb of St. Francis to implore peace, to ask, for us, for those who guide the nations today, the same spirit that animated him. That he, the brother of all, can really give us “. (HANDLE).

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