Journalists: Marina Garbesi Award, challenge to the media on disability

Eliseo 2022, clashes between police and students near the Sorbonne University (ANSA)

(ANSA) – IMOLA, APRIL 15 – Either victim or hero. In the journalistic story, the daily life of the disabled does not exist. Yet it cannot go unnoticed, given that they make up one of the most populous nations on the planet: 650 million people around the world. It is a question, then, of making a revolution in communication. “Let’s dissolve the stigma by identifying ourselves. Let’s begin to create a new narrative of diversity”, summed up Alessandro Bergonzoni in the video performance that opened – in the Teatro dell’Osservanza in Imola – the presentation of the “Marina Garbesi Journalistic Award”, promoted by Ludovico Bellu , an autistic boy, son of the Repubblica journalist who disappeared a year ago.

Around the theme “Telling the most vulnerable. Disabilities and rights are news?” the correspondent of Repubblica Maria Novella De Luca, the writer Carlo Lucarelli, the director of Linus Igor Tuveri, and Valter Galavotti, of the regional union of mental health associations, who told the story, never appeared in the media , of BS, a quadriplegic woman who, in 2016, outraged by the smallness of the State contribution to people suffering from serious disability, started a legal dispute that ended with a sentence of the Constitutional Court that tripled the figure.

The history of BS is a complicated story, a story of judicial acts, of bureaucracy. Telling it in a compelling way is the kind of challenge that the Marina Garbesi Award proposes to journalists, writers, graphic novel authors. According to Carlo Lucarelli and Igort it is possible to win it. It takes determination, talent, preparation. It is a question of proceeding without hypocrisy and pretense: illustrate the pain, explain the reasons for it, tell the fatigue. For the promoters of the Prize, the protection of the disabled is the field where the effective application of the fundamental principles of the Constitution can be verified. The first edition of the Prize will be held in the spring of 2023. The awards will be awarded to authors of narrated and illustrated articles that deal with the theme of the rights of the disabled, both by reporting good practices and by denouncing violations of rights. (HANDLE).

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